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  1. ITEM QUESTIONS At the top right of every Service or Product is a “?”.There, customers can send their Stylist a question attached to that Service or Product 
  2. ADD-ONS Add-ons will allow the Stylist to create a Menu of accessories for each Service or Product that is created. This gives their Clients a variety of additions to purchase alongside of the main Service or Product .
  3. DEPOSITS Our Deposit feature allows Clients to pay the amount decided by the Stylist to reserve an appointment. 
  4. SHARE-ABILITY With ChairWatch Stylists can share their Services, Products, Positive reviews and even available times to be booked. All shared links initiate the booking process.
  5. APPOINTMENT NOTES  Clients can add Notes and an Pictures to there booking. So the Stylist knows exactly what their client is looking for before the appointment.
  6. PRIVATE NOTES  Stylist and Customers can add a Private Note to an Upcoming appointment just incase they have to remember something specific for that client.
  7. OPENCHAIR FEATURE  A Client can be notified if an already booked time becomes available! They can place themselves as a Standby. Then if a cancelation occurs, an alert will go out to all that were on standby to now book that time slot. *After the alert, the 1st client to complete the booking gets it. 
  8. ANALYTICS  To keep Stylists ahead of the curve, ChairWatch provides Stylists with detailed statistics of their stores purchase history, tracking Clients trends, monitoring high vs low traffic days & times, Product sales and more..
  9. BOOKING PROCESS / TOUCH-LESS PAY The ChairWatch booking process is a breeze. Clients simply Select a Service, find an available time that fits and Confirms payment. Done.- TOUCH-LESS PAY. Payment for the Appointment is made in advance. At the time of service, the Stylist scans the Clients QR code and the Money is transferred.
  10. CLIENT CHECK-IN FEATURE  ChairWatch is very helpful for those Service providers that like punctuality. Keep track of your Clients arrival time so your day can move along on time. When your clients arrive they’ll press their “Check-IN” button and scan your Store QR Code. Then a Confirmation will appear on your phone.
  11. MANUAL APPOINTMENTS The Stylist can create an appointment in the case that Certain clients don’t access to the ChairWatch app or a web browser. 
  12. ANNOUNCEMENTS With ChairWatch stylists have the opportunity to send out Announcements to their followers. So alerting their clients to new Styles, Deals & Seasonal trends are just one click away. 
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