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Weekly Update: April 29th 2024

Hey all! We’re back again this week with an update we know a LOT of you will enjoy. This is the Part 2 of our “Store Customization” changes, and this week we are really letting you guys brand your online presence in a way that reflects you, and your vision. Check out what we’ve got for you.

Focus: Brand Theming

We’ve given you the ability to set your own unique font and color theme of your store. Here’s how it works. First, you’ll go to the Business Settings > Brand page, and scroll down to the new “Brand Theming” section (found after your Store Contact Information section and your Social Media Links section). Select your preferred colors and fonts, preview the changes, and then save to update.

Brand Theme Settings

Hundreds of Fonts!

Custom Color Options

New Enhancements

Updated Description Section: The edit screen for the description is now rich-text compatible, so you’ll have a lot more formatting options for your store description (which is the “About” Section that your customers see).

Clarified Deposit vs Remaining: We noticed a bit of confusion between the “Deposit” and the “Remaining” balances on an appointment. So to clarify, we’ve removed “Remaining” from appointments that are awaiting a deposit, and added an “Awaiting Payment” indicator next to the deposit that requires it. We’ve also removed the “Complete Appointment” button for appointments that did not yet have a valid deposit. Hopefully that will make things a lot clearer for your customers (and you!) going forward.

New Fixes
  • Away Dates are now properly evaluated even when the start time of the away date is exactly the same minute as the timeslot in question. No more unwanted bookings!
  • The mobile app now allows customers to leave a tip after the appointment has been completed. This was previously only possible from the online booking link.

We hope you guys enjoy this week’s update, and as always, let us know of anything else you’d want to see in the Booking Platform built for you. See you all next week!

– The ChairWatch Team