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Weekly Update: April 15th 2024

Hey everyone! This week we have some more enhancements and fixes to the ChairWatch platform for you. The main focus this week was polishing our “Recurring Appointments” feature. We’re hoping by utilizing this feature you’ll be able to have more consistent bookings and help drive your business forward. We’ve also been working on a bunch of other areas in the system as well. Here’s what’s included in this week’s software update:

Focus: Recurring Appointments

While it existed in the system before, this time we’ve done a major redesign to get the feature feeling right, not only for you, but for your customers as well. While a customer is choosing a time for one of their appointments, they’ll be prompted with a suggestion to make their appointment happen on a schedule. If they accept, they can tweak the frequency of how often they would see you. A preview is shown for their convenience. When checking out, they’ll pay for that first appointment, and the other appointment dates will be reserved. As a provider, you can always cancel or reschedule any of those appointments at any time.

New Enhancements

Search Appointments by Code: You can now search your appointments based on the Appointment code. This will make it easier to find appointments and help Providers who have a lot going on!

Show the “Next Available Appointment”: To make the booking process easier for those who don’t have daily schedules, we now shoe the next available appointment to your customers during the booking process.

New Fixes

As usual, we’re always performing maintenance and fixing up various parts of the software to make sure everything is working as intended, for everyone. Here’s the fixes we’ve taken care of this week:

  • Appointments are now correctly filtered for each client based on email address in the Clients & Community page.
  • Cancelled appointments no longer refund the convenience fee. We noticed this caused a few providers to be refunding more money than anticipated.
  • Charging a late fee at checkout now happens *before* the completion of the appointment. Late fees were being charged after the completion of the appointment, and causing some errors.
  • Newly created stores will now use the store’s contact phone number (instead of the user account’s phone number) when creating a Stripe business account for new Providers.
  • Deleted departments no longer cause services that were part of that department to become un-editable.
  • Services that had empty descriptions no longer prevent that service from being able to be booked. We also prevent services from being saved without a description.
  • After updating an Away or closed date, the screen will now auto-refresh to show the updated changes immediately.
  • After adding a review to an appointment, the screen will now auto-refresh to show the review on the appointment immediately.
  • Phone numbers are now required when creating a new ChairWatch account. This allows for seamless compliance with all of the internal ChairWatch features, both as a Provider or a customer.
  • Addons are now visible on the Web “edit appointment screen”. Customers can easily edit their appointment to include addons if forgotten.
  • Favorite store pages on the Web now display correctly. Previously they were returning an error page for some users.
  • While booking , instead of seeing “Add Notes and/or Image”, customers will now see it as “Send a message to your Provider”. We figured this would make the field clearer.
  • The copyright year on the bottom of emails are no longer showing as “InvalidDatetime”, but show the correct year (2024).
  • Added a feature showcase video for new Providers setting up their account. The previous “Explore Now” button just wasn’t so helpful.

Hope you enjoy this update! If you have any questions, comments, concerns or even suggestions for future features, feel free to reach out to use at! See you next week,

– The ChairWatch Team